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Audiences are oversaturated by content while starving for stories. Quantum Spin Studios partners with the world's top creatives to innovate the next-generation of storytelling. We recently launched a new podcast production studio to help brands find out more below!

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Papers in a room fly into a portal.
Natasha Lyonne stands in front of a subway train in Russian Doll Season 2.
A girl wearing a blue sweater looks over a boy wearing a black tie and white shirt laying on the ground.
A scene from the Marvel show Loki with several people standing looking ahead slightly above the camera.
A woman wearing a black and white set of armor looks forward. An arena of people are behind her.
Kang reaches forward on a desk with an illuminated window behind him.
A woman sits on a couch wearing a dress. A lamp is on the table next to her.

From pen and paper games, to film and television, to immersive experiences powered by cutting edge technology.

We take a methodical approach to architecting worlds and crafting stories-with an emphasis on empowered creative collaboration.

Our work

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness movie poster with multiple characters from the Marvel franchise posing.A woman in a purple dress sits on a hotel bed looking at a side table with a lamp on top of it.WandaVision LogoA poster for Good Mythical Morning where Rhett and Link, wearing yellow, stand and comically hold both sides of a rotary telephone up to their heads.The poster for Loki where Tom Hiddleston stands looking forward in front of a golden time piece.The poster for Russian Doll where multiple versions of Nadia Vulvokov, played by Natasha Lyonne, look around in different poses.A poster for Chase Me Through where a mixture of purple and blue colors mix in the background behind the title.A title "Exile" sits above three unique species.A logo "World of Vesser" is overlayed on top of a man forming a sign in the air with rocks floating around him.A logo that says "Applied Wonder" with a sun / iris emblem above it in front of a multi-colored background.A poster for Thor: Love and Thunder where Thor stands holding Stormbreaker while lightning flashes in front of clouds.A title "The Unveiling" is in front of a woman holding her hands over her face. Her hands are covered in black ink.