Your protagonist can't save the world until you save your story.

We have helped the biggest properties in media tell better stories. If you're lost in your own canon (or quantum physics), we can help.

Papers in a room fly into a portal.
A woman is lost in a room of portals with papers flying around.

Feeling lost in your own fictional world?

You're on a deadline, searching Wikipedia and YouTube in a desperate attempt to understand multiverse theories so you can finish this damn script.

The story you saw so clearly in its inception feels bigger than you ever imagined, and now you're trying to reconcile science you don't understand with a canon that's just too big for index cards or Word documents.

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We advise writers on matters of science, from multiverse, time travel, and wormholes, to space travel and how alien planets shape the life that evolved on them.

A woman sees many alternate versions of her in a multiverse

We create consistent rules and story canon for projects that span film, television, streaming, social media, gaming, graphic novels, VR, and whatever new media is launched later this afternoon.

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We help writers, producers, and directors unleash their creative potential by providing the process, documentation, and subject matter expertise to make sure audiences can be swept away by a good story—and not distracted by continuity, canon, or factual errors.

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We create fully realized economies, political landscapes, geography, transit systems, and other "behind the scenes" details that catapult even the most skeptical viewer into suspension of disbelief so they can be captivated by your story.

How can we help?

Quantum Spin Studios has the storytelling and scientific expertise to untangle a jumbled narrative. We've helped some of the biggest media companies in the world clarify their narratives through consistency. Here are topics we often discuss:


Time Travel

String Theory

Particle Physics

The Science of Superheroes

Parallel Realities

Branching Timelines

Quantum Physics

Looping Timelines

Reconverging Timelines


Gravitational Waves


Cosmology & Space

The Big Bang

Multiverse Cosmology

Cosmic Background Radiation

Worm Holes

Structure of a Multiverse

Dark Energy

Black Holes

Space Travel

Orbital Mechanics

Dark Matter

The Fermi Paradox

Extraspatial Dimensions





Human Biology

Natural Selection



Gene Editing


Evolutionary Biology




Genetic Manipulation


Technology & Science

Accurate Dialog for Technical/Scientific Characters

Machine Learning

Force Fields

Climate Change

Artificial Intelligence


Contagion Containment

Artificial Selection

Mental Health

Science of Addiction


Computer Algorithms

Worldbuilding & Lore

World and Universe Economies

Character Psychological Profiles

Parallel / Intersecting Storylines

Epic Mythology

Creation of New Cultures

Alternative Physics


Epochal History

Multiverse Architecture

Deep Lore

Transit and Logistics

Consistent Magical Systems

Architecture & Aesthetic

Exoplanet Creation

Creation of New Religions

Politics & Governance


Recent Work

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“We make the world significant by the courage of our questions and the depth of our answers.”
Carl Sagan
Cosmos (1980)