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When we created Quantum Spin Studios we dedicated time to writing down what we would do in our first few years. Out of that exercise came our 2022 Vision that we share with our team and anyone who partners with us.

It's clarifying. It's bold! It just might show you something explosive that excites you, or it may show you a way you can work with us.

Read below and whatever it does for you, we welcome you on this journey.

Our vision for 2022

It’s Saturday, December 10th 2022, and our company holiday party opens its doors shortly. It’s hard to believe how fast we’ve grown over the last two years. Our revenue growth is due to our mix of corporate clients and entertainment deals. Victory spearheads creative across all our projects and our incubator for creative talent. Tanner facilitates our day-to-day operations and manages our full-time salaried staff of 10. Mike spends his time informing and inspiring our team, our clients and partners, and the public using his science expertise and his storytelling capacity.

Quantum Spin has a remote and inclusive team that forms our global workforce. We have our brick and mortar office in Los Angeles.  Our first annual retreat to Ojai in November was restorative and energizing for the team. We offer full benefits coverage and a mandatory vacation policy of at least 20 days per year outside of scheduled holidays. Our team uses our professional development fund to develop their skills every month.

Our dedicated production team supports Mike so that he can inspire audiences on-camera. Operating this way frees him up to spend the bulk of his time focusing on our income generating work. Mike’s audience continues to grow because they are being helped and inspired.

Our decision early on to focus on consulting and services for corporations was a smart move. It allowed us to grow our team, while carving out the time and space to develop exciting, original IP. We consult with a select few corporate clients - less than 5. We meet new clients through personal referral, making our relationships with them warm and full of trust. We are proud of how we have helped these companies focus and grow their brands and products.

We’ve carved out a place in the world of entertainment where influential industry players trust us to tell unconventional stories. Our credibility comes from our work on 10 science-based films and television shows. Our video game’s success on Steam and the Nintendo Store also cemented us as experts in new forms of media.  We’re now looking at developing 3D rendered titles.

We are in continuous development on original IP, which includes video games, films, and series. We also have optioned a handful of books and scripts for us to produce.  When we write stories from point of views that are not our own, we collaborate with people who have lived experience.  One of our core values is investing in fresh voices to tell groundbreaking new stories. We have partnered with five unique and burgeoning artists since our founding.

Quantum Spin properties are artful and linger in one’s thoughts long after watching. Our work inspires critical discussion and social change. Audiences know our stories for elevating women, people with disabilities, people of color, and LGBTQIA people.

Our partners trust our team because of our empathetic nature and clear communication.

The Quantum Spin culture is one of respect and creativity. We encourage self-development and we help our team achieve their personal goals. We celebrate each others’ success and work through challenges with candor and empathy.

On Monday we're meeting to discuss our five-year vision.

What can we do for you?

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